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Youtube Video Downloader

Youtube Video Downloader

If you’re an active user of the most popular and visited platform in the world, you may have noticed one drawback, namely the inability to save any video you like directly from YouTube. At the same time, it doesn’t matter if it is your content or another author - the platform prohibits saving it. 

However, the developers have presented users with one opportunity - a paid Premium subscription, which allows you to save clips. But this method is not suitable for everyone, and moreover, it may not be as fast and convenient as through video downloader. 

Our company went the other way - we decided to provide users with a free, but no less high-quality,  super effective and easy video downloader for YouTube. We unblocked this useful tool for you!  With it, you can get any content from the platform, whether it's a long video or a short clip. At the same time, we have expanded the options for users - all content without watermark and in high quality. 

Also, saving from our YouTube downloader has become much faster than before, when people used third-party programs. Now you don't need to install browser extensions or smartphone apps, everything is available on the web.

It doesn't matter which device you want to get  videos to : it can be your smartphone, laptop or PC. The operating system is also not important, our saver is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and others. The main thing is that you have an Internet connection.

In what format can you save it? There are many formats available on our website, including wav, but we recommend MP4 - this is the most common and convenient option for any device.

We can safely say that our company has developed the best YouTube video downloader. And these are not just words - only on our site you can save clips in their original quality and watch without internet connection anywhere you want: on a plane, on a train or in the mountains without the Internet connection. Plus, you don’t need to pay for this service, it is completely free for you.

Well, less words, more action. 

Let's see how you download YouTube video from our site. This step-by-step guide is universal for both mobile devices and PC.

1. Copy the video URL (from search bar) you want to get. If you want to save from your smartphone, click share and select the copy link.

2. Go to, paste the link into the box and tap the big green button.

3. Select the quality, format and click Download.

Automatic saving to the folder that you have selected for downloads from the Internet. If you want to save for desktop, select this in the browser settings. For smartphone users : the clip will be saved in Files, but if you want, you can transfer it to Photos: just open it and click save. That's all!

Isn't this the fastest way you've? Yes, just 3 steps, and your favorite video on your smartphone or PC! We have taken care of the comfort and convenience not only for our regular customers who buy views to make their accounts thrive, but also for users who haven’t used our services. This is the principle of our company - high quality for everyone.

Why Viplikes? From our side, we guarantee that you will receive all services in full and free of charge. Moreover, we do not need your personal data. We care about the safety of our visitors, their privacy and security, so we never ask for additional information, such as email, password or login. We don't need your data to provide you with a high-quality and efficient service to simplify your online life.

By the way, here's another thing: if necessary, you can always write to us in a chat or email. We are in touch 24/7 to help you solve any problem, answer questions or support. Don’t hesitate to write to us if you find any problem or if something went wrong, we always meet you halfway.

YouTube video downloader online

If you still think that additional third-party programs are needed to save any content, then you are deeply mistaken! With online video downloader from Viplikes, everything is much easier than it may seem at first glance. 

To use our tool, you don't have to download anything extra or install programs. We believe that this is unsafe and inconvenient, so our service is available online on the site.

You can save a clip from our website at any time when you have an internet connection.

YouTube video downloader 4K

High quality YouTube video downloader - is it really possible without payment? Of course, and we proved it, high quality is about us! Our company offers users the best quality services in different directions and areas of social networks, and this free saver is no exception. 

We strive to be the best in everything, and therefore you can be sure that by choosing us, you’ll get full quality. Our 4k YouTube video downloader works without restrictions on quality and saves. That is, you can get as many clips as you need for free and without loss of quality.

Keep in mind that 4K video downloader provides the opportunity to get full HD 1080p only if it is the original quality. That is, if the author uploaded 720p, you’ll get good quality, but not the best of the options. Therefore, before copying the link, make sure that it is not less than an HD video. 

The HD video downloader we provide doesn’t automatically improve the quality of the content. And if you would like to get the clip in the best quality, we recommend finding another one (higher HD quality) and choosing it.

Free YouTube video downloader

As we mentioned above, we have created a free video downloader. This means that our tool is one hundred percent free and does not require any monetary investments from you. At the same time, there are no restrictions, save as much as you want for free.

This is not the case when you need to pay for the purchase of subscribers or anything else. Yes, this is our main area of work, but in this case you get access to a free YouTube downloader without any additional conditions.

Even if this is your first time on our site, we will be happy to help you get as many videos as you need right now without paying.

YouTube video downloader link

Getting content is available on Viplikes using link, and this is great news for all users. Why? This is the easiest and fastest way in all cases, both for smartphones and computers.

With link, you don't need to search for the channel name or anything else, all the information is already in the URL.

Through link our system will find the clip you need automatically. You don't have to do anything manually by choosing the by link method.

It's very simple to save by URL, copy it on the YT page and paste it on the page of our tool and save it . That's all you have to do. Easy as pie! 

If you have any problems or questions during the process, please write to us in any convenient way: via chat or email. We will help you solve any problem and advise you.

YouTube private video downloader

Can't find private YouTube video downloader? Look no further, we have developed it! So let's imagine: a close friend sent you a private clip and asked you to evaluate its quality before publishing it on the platform, but you can't watch it online for one reason or another.

What should you do in this case? Use our private video downloader, of course! Our system allows you to get any content, even if it is not public. Just copy the link, paste it into the box and save it in the best quality.