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Likes, comments, saves and views on Instagram are of great importance. This is especially important when it comes to algorithms and their interaction with your publications. You see, all these interactions are considered engagement.

The more user reactions, the higher a chance to get into the trends of a social network and achieve virality. At the same time, it’s important to understand that you won't get likes, comments, saves and shares without views - your videos will simply go unnoticed and get lost in the stream of others.

How to make users show interest in your content? Prove to them the value of your clips and social authority - buy instagram video views.

Viplikes offers the best conditions for bloggers. For more than 8 years, we have been contributing to the growth of creators on platforms and leading them to success. If you want to be guaranteed to achieve your goal and become famous, start investing in your online future right now.

On our website you can buy any number of post views, starting from 100 and up to infinity (the maximum standard pack is 100000 pieces).

We aren't kidding - if necessary, you can order delivery of even 1 million views. In this case, your posts will instantly go viral, and for large orders, a gradual slow delivery is provided so that the growth looks as organic and natural as possible.

The prices on our site are affordable - for less than $1 ($0.99) you get 100 authentic views. This is a ridiculous price for real views from verified accounts. Even this amount will significantly improve your posts - they'll be much more attractive in the eyes of users.

We think that 100 is the optimal amount for beginners in paid PR services, less (10,20,25,30 or 50 pieces) will not bring the result you expect. That is why the minimum package is 100. Next, you can choose more - 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000, 2500 and even 10000.

At the same time, your discount increases in proportion to the quantity. For example, buying 5000 - 50000 views will save you from 561% to 890% of the advertising budget. It's incredibly profitable, grab them!

You'll ask us: "Why should I buy interactions? Can't I achieve virality on my own?". Of course, you can rely on the platform's free methods and algorithms. But think about how soon your post will start getting at least 2000 views on Instagram video?

It's so long. We aren’t even talking about 10k or 100k - it can take you several years to achieve such a goal. The competition in Instagram is high, and you need additional support to feel confident and calm.

You can spend saved time on more pleasant things: creating content, establishing contact with other creators and posting posts on different resources. Entrust us with this advertising task, and in a few days it'll be completed.

So, when you have decided on the right services pack, proceed to payment. We have made sure that you can do this in a couple of clicks using Apple Pay or Google Pay. We also accept payments with credit card, cryptocurrency (including bitcoin) and PayPal. All these options are absolutely safe, don’t worry about the safety of personal data.

 Buy cheap Instagram views-Viplikes

Buy cheap Instagram views

On Viplikes you’ll find the best price-quality ratio. Here you can buy real views from verified users insanely cheap; right now 100 pieces will cost you only $ 0.99 - this is the minimum price in the market of promotion services.

In order for you to receive the necessary support at a low cost, our specialists regularly analyze such offers and, if necessary, make changes to our price list.

By the way, we have created a loyalty system for new and regular customers. If you’re making a purchase for the first time, please write to our managers in a chat or email to find out more.

Buy Instagram views PayPal

Our customers can pay for their order in any convenient way. We’ve done everything to keep your personal data safe, don't worry about it. Make purchases safely - with PayPal, cryptocurrency or credit cards.

Buy real Instagram views

What distinguishes our company from many others? Unlike other services, we never offer bots and fakes for purchase.

This is contrary to the principles of our company. We believe that promotion services should be for the good, not the other way around.

Buying views from us, you can be sure that they’ll all come from real people. Your page won't interact with bots; it won't be banned after a while.

You can rely on us in this matter - we give a real guarantee for the quality of services.

 Buy real Instagram views-Viplikes

 How to buy views on Instagram-Viplikes

How to buy views on Instagram

Buying views is a clear and fast process. Everything is extremely simple, you need to perform a few actions to place an order:

1. Choose the best pack (number of interactions you want to buy)

2. Fill out a short form. Write an email and a nickname here. We don't require any personal data and your password.

3. Pay for the order in any convenient way - cryptocurrency, credit cards or PayPal.

After managers see the payment, they'll pass your order to the specialists, and they’ll start working.

If you encounter a problem at any of the steps or want to get advice, write to us by email or chat. We work around the clock.

Buy Instagram views UK

For local bloggers, nothing is more important than targeted interactions with their content and the page as a whole. On our website you can buy views from most countries, including the UK. Many of our specialists live in United Kingdom on a permanent basis and will be happy to provide support for your blog. Contact us for more details.

Buy instant Instagram views

As we mentioned, it takes less than 5 minutes to place an order and deliver the first views. The delivery process will start instantly after our managers detect payment information.

This usually takes 2-3 minutes, and it'll take several hours to deliver all the views.

However, please note that delivery may take longer depending on the size of the pack. If you've bought a lot of views, they'll appear gradually over several days.

We notify customers about each stage : you'll receive messages by email.

 Buy instant Instagram views-Viplikes

Can you buy Instagram views

Those who haven’t yet used paid services ask: "Can I buy views quickly, simply and safely?". Yes, of course, like thousands of other bloggers, you can do it.

For many years, we’ve been helping digital content authors to become better - to improve their social reputation, expand a fanbase and make publications more visible.

You can buy them now, just select the required amount, fill out the form on the website and pay. Then the work is up to us.

 Best site to buy Instagram views

Viplikes is the best place to buy paid PR services. These aren’t empty words - thousands of our satisfied customers confirm this, read the reviews about the service and make sure of it.

Our website has been operating for more than 8 years, during which time we have contributed to the growth of many popular bloggers, whom you probably know.

Moreover, they’re still cooperating with us, because they know that it’s the cheapest (price from $0.99) and safest way to improve the reputation of  media accounts without risk.

We accompany the customer before, during and after the purchase. Our support team works 24/7; at any time of the day or night, we’re ready to advise you and answer all your questions.

Buy Instagram views Australia

If you started your blog in Australia and want to get more engaged viewers from the region, we’ll be happy to help with this. We work with real people from all over the world to deliver real views from any country, including Australia. To learn more about targeted services, contact the manager in the chat.

Buy Instagram video views in New Zealand

We can support your videos from any region, and New Zealand is no exception. Buy real targeted views, and local residents' interest in your content will increase instantly.

Do you want to know more about it? Write to us in the chat, the staff will tell you about this service, delivery dates and help you choose the best pack for your profile.

 Buy Instagram views USA

Competition among bloggers in the USA is quite high, and in order to stand out from the crowd, it’s not enough to have high-quality, interesting videos.

Literally: you have to prove that the published content deserves the attention of Americans.

By making a purchase, you’ll make your videos more attractive - a large number of interactions will encourage local residents to click and watch. This is a great chance to get more fans from the US!


Buy Instagram views Canada

We know how important it’s to receive support from the local online community. If you have a goal to become more famous among Canadian users, use our paid services.

Specialists from this region will perform the necessary advertising task and contribute to greater visibility of the content.

 Buy Instagram views India

We also deliver interactions from real Indian users. If you want to make your videos in the local community more viewed, start investing in your credibility right now.

Write to us to find out more about targeted views from India.


  • Why buy Instagram views>

    A large number of views is the main indicator that the video deserves the attention of users. But it’s difficult to achieve this in free ways, that's why bloggers invest in the visibility of their content and make it more attractive.

  • Does Instagram know when you buy views

    No, Instagram will never know. All actions are legal, they’re performed by real people; the purchase isn’t prohibited by the rules of the site, your page won’t be blocked.

  • Should you buy views on Instagram

    The number of views directly affects whether users want to click on your clip or not. If you want to increase engagement and the number of regular viewers, you need this.

  • Where to buy Instagram views

    Viplikes is a reliable promotion company with an excellent rating and thousands of positive reviews. We guarantee the result and provide the best services for bloggers; buy from us, don’t risk the image and safety of the profile.

Why choose Viplikes?

We provide exclusively high-quality, active followers, who will not only increase the count of subscribers on your page but will also show a positive impact on your page’s statistics. With us, you will be able to give your content much-needed top-notch support and stay safe and calm.

Quick delivery

Our managers start processing your order as soon as you place it on the website. The processing of the order will start in 1 minute, it will take us under a couple of hours to make you see the first results happening because of the bought package.

Exclusively genuine followers

We work with real Instagram users who are keen on cooperating with a promotional service for a nice reward. We don’t exploit bots and fakes, because we respect our clients and want them to get the very best of online promotional services.

Best prices

We scan the market of online promotional services all the time to keep our prices very adequate and low. Moreover, some of our packages allow our clients to buy the highest quality promotional services for free.