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Buy Facebook Services

There are many opportunities on Facebook for entrepreneurs and influencers to promote content/services/goods  and create a positive image in the online community. Here you can achieve any of your PR goals and become successful, and we’ll help you with this. On you’ll find a bunch of useful boosts, ranging from basic to highly targeted for, for example, video marketing. Check out all our offers and choose the package that you need right now. If necessary, contact us using chat or email, we’ll answer all your questions and advise you.

Facebook likes

Absolutely all creators are focused on getting likes of a page, regardless of the current account size and the number of subscribers, because this is one of the main statistical parameters. Likes show how relevant and valuable your account is, so if you want to demonstrate your authority and popularity, be sure to use this service and provide additional support to improve visibility of your profile and overall statistical background.

Facebook followers

Followers are the base of all bases, without fans your promotion doesn’t make sense, you won’t be able to grow your account without them. Therefore, first of all make sure that there are enough subscribers on your page, if this isn’t the case, use our boost and improve your statistics overnight.

Facebook packages

Packages with basic statistical indicators included are our bestseller, because this is one of the most profitable and useful offers in the entire market of paid PR services. Our packages include everything you need at any promo stage, namely likes, post likes and comments. All these boosts separately would cost you much more, so we recommend that you consider packages with different periods, weekly and monthly, and save some part of your marketing budget.

Facebook fanpage post shares 

Shares are one of the best ways to show your messages to other people and become popular in the community, so if you’re focused on expanding reach and engagement, take advantage of this additional incentive. At Viplikes, we use only high-quality and humane mechanisms without the use of computer bots, so all your messages will spread on real fan pages and you’ll see an impressive result.

Facebook comments

Comments are no less important than anything else, they are necessary for the platform's algorithms to regard the content as in demand and recommend it to other users who don’t follow you yet. But it's not so easy to get comments, most often people just pass by and don't waste time writing a few words. So the smart solution is to buy a few dozen (or hundreds, if you want) comments and make your content more valuable.

Facebook video views 

Videos are becoming more and more popular type of content on FB, and this is not surprising, because it is one of the best PR tools for influencers and entrepreneurs. That's why our team has developed special packs with views for effective video marketing. Here you can choose any number of views from 500 pieces and significantly improve the rating of your clips, contributing to the growth of their virality.

Facebook  live video views

If you’ve included streams in your PR strategy, this is an excellent and reasonable solution, but keep in mind that any type of content from time to time needs additional support for more effective and comprehensive promotion. Analyze your live views and, if necessary, buy additional ones, so your promotion process will be much faster and more organic.

Facebook post/photo likes 

Likes of posts and photos also play a big role in promoting your content and creating a more positive image on the social network. If your goal is to convince users that your messages and images are worthy of attention and should be seen by everyone, be sure to use this boost. We provide packs from 10 to 10k pieces, the variance is large, so you’ll definitely be able to get as many pieces as you need at the moment.

Facebook emoticons post likes 

Not so long ago, a new reaction function appeared on FB - emoticons. Now their number is also taken into account by algorithms when ranking content by popularity. This means that you should make sure in advance that your messages get enough emoticons, if you don't get them, don't despair, remember that you can buy them on Viplikes.

Facebook positive recommendations

What can say more about you than positive recommendations from other people? Generally speaking, this is one of the effective ways to prove that your content is loved and viewed by many people, that they follow and support you.  And we’re ready to help you get them! Recommendations from us are written by real people, our team has highly qualified specialists who often perform such PR tasks, so be sure - the result will pleasantly surprise you.

USA Facebook likes 

For digital creators and entrepreneurs who promote their account in the USA, we’ve developed a special package that includes interactions only from this region. If you’re aiming to get more support from this country and grow in the local community, check out our packages and choose the best one for you.

European Facebook likes 

Do you want to get likes  from European countries? This is not a problem for us! We offer our clients a variety of targeted interactions, including European likes, which will make your page much more famous in the local community. If you need additional advice before buying, don’t hesitate to write to our managers in the chat, they are in touch 24/7 to help and support.

Australian Facebook likes

Our specialists live in various countries on a regular basis, so we’re always ready to provide targeted likes from Australia as well. They’ll come from real people - there are many specialists from this region in our team, and they’re always ready to help you achieve success.

UK Facebook likes

If you need as many likes from the UK as possible, you can rely on us. The likes that we’ll deliver for your page are as high quality as the standard ones, but they’ll all come from the UK, contributing to your popularity in a certain local community.

Facebook friends

Friends aren’t the same as followers - they differ in that they are your real loyal audience that follows every update and supports all types of your content. They receive notifications about new publications, which means they are much more active. So if you’re looking to expand your friend base and create a loyal community around you, choose one of our packages and you’ll see positive changes in your statistics in a matter of seconds.

Facebook group joins

Facebook groups aren’t just one of the options for communicating with people, it’s much more. Groups are an opportunity to create a large community around your content and account as a whole, but creating and promoting such a community is a very difficult and long process. The good news is that we know how to simplify it and make it faster. We’ve created joins packs, in fact, this is all you need to fill up the group and make it more efficient and active.