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Twitter Gif Downloader

Twitter Gif Downloader

Every tenth tweet on a huge social network is a real art, especially when it comes to GIFs. Users use short clips without sound to share their favorite excerpts from a large video or show their emotions through animated photos.

This type of content is especially loved by people - it is fast, clear and visual. That's why from time to time you may want to download GIFs to share them with friends, use them in your content or view them when you aren't online.

But it is impossible to download directly from Twitter, the developers have not added this feature for users. What to do?

Use our best downloader, of course! We have found a solution to make downloading fast, simple and intuitive.

In general, our company provides paid promotion services to users (buying followers, likes, and so on), but this tool is one hundred percent free for you.

It doesn't matter if you are our client or a  site visitor, the service is available to everyone.

Please note that videos and GIFs are different things. If you need to save a video, this is also on our website, but it is called differently.

Go to the free tools tab and you will see Twitter video downloader, it is also free and unlimited. You can use any of these tools at any time and download as much content as you want.

What about the quality? It is the same as the original one. Our service doesn’t reduce the GIF quality, but it doesn’t make it better either. So before you save it, make sure it's in excellent quality (HD or better) if you need better quality.

How to download Twitter GIFs? Simple as that, follow these steps to get GIFs to your PC or mobile device!

Step 1. Copy the link. If you are using a mobile app, click Share and select Copy link.

Step 2. Enter the link on the tool page. Next, click Download and go through the captcha.

Step 3. You’ll see a GIF. If this is what you need, click download. Voila, it's on your smartphone or PC!

The file will be saved to the folder that you have chosen to download from the Internet (if you use the service on a PC). If you receive it from a mobile device, it will be saved to Files, after which you can transfer it to Photos. Just open the GIF and click save. That's all!

In case you need help or support, please write to us in the live chat or email. Our managers will answer you instantly, they work around the clock. Thank you for choosing Viplikes!