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How many likes on Instagram post do you have? 5, 10,15,20,25, 30 or 40 pieces? Believe us, it's not just you who have such numbers - most novice bloggers face a low level of engagement.

This is primarily due to high competition, in 2020, 2021 there were even more authors of digital content - during the pandemic, many people became more active and began their online journey.

However, today on IG it is still possible to enlist the support of a loyal audience, become famous in the thematic community and even earn extra money. But any fame has its price - you’ve to put quite a lot of effort, time and resources before you get the result that will allow you to stand out among others.

We at Viplikes suggest speeding up the promotion process and making it as comfortable as possible for you. Our company has been working for several years - in 2022 we turned 8 years old, during which time we’ve managed to improve the online reputation of thousands of influencers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Why do they choose us? Good price, round-the-clock support, authentic premium reactions, instant delivery; all this makes our company the best in the market of PR services.

As for the prices of likes for Instagram, they are very democratic. So, on our website there are several variants of standard packages of different sizes: small (50, 100, 200, 250, 500 pieces), average (1000, 2500, 5000, 10000), and large (25000 and 50k).

The minimum pack costs 99 cents - today it is the cheapest offer on the online advertising market.In addition to regular discounts, we offer personal discounts for regular and new customers. So, by writing to us by mail or email, you can save $1, $2, $5 and even more, depending on the amount selected.

In addition to standard packages, we’re also ready to provide a personalized service - this means that you can choose any number of reactions for every post.

It doesn't matter how many pieces you need, small amount or more: for example, 60, 70, 75, 80 or a little more, 130, 150, 180, 300, 400, 600 and so on. We work with any quantity, but keep in mind that the order cannot be less than 50 - ten, twenty or thirty reactions will not bring you a decent result, you’ll just waste money.

When choosing personalized large (2000, 3000, 7000, 8000) and huge VIP packages of 20000, 25000, 35000, 100000, 500k, 1 million and so on, your discount increases. We deeply care that our clients can provide their post with sufficient support, so we’ve created a special loyalty system.

You’ll get the maximum possible benefit. For example, the largest standard package of 50k has a discount of $ 790. Just imagine how much money you can save by buying, for example, 200k? Our managers will calculate the cost of the service taking into account the maximum discount for your cheap promotion!

On Viplikes, we provide not just real likes - you can order custom reactions from us by country, gender (for a female or male blog) and even interests. What countries do we work with?

We have a huge staff, unlike many other services, we deliver not only from the USA and Europe: among our specialists are people from the Philippines, UAE, New Zealand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Ireland, Singapore, etc. In addition to the above regions, you can also get power likes in South Africa or in Nigeria.

It will also not be a problem for us to deliver reactions from Arab or Korean - just write to us from which country you need ideal reactions (with or without photo) and we’ll deliver them in minutes.

After the purchase, the likes delivered from us will gradually spread to new posts or only to the most recent one. You can choose an option that is convenient for you: buy reactions split between photos or distribute them to only one picture.

But keep in mind that you cannot buy delayed reactions for all pictures in this section - these are automatic likes for future posts that we also provide.

They, like the usual reactions, will be delivered drip, no one will know that you used third-party support (one time or over time, it doesn't matter), believe us. Your growth on the site will look as organic and natural as possible.

By the way, if you want to make a gift for friends or for someone else, you can do it! Likes for multiple pictures or new posts  are always a great surprise, especially if your friends are striving for popularity. No login, no password - we don’t need this information to process your order. 

There are many payment options available on our site, and, moreover, you can pay using an Android smartphone, iPhone and many others. Use Apple Pay, Google pay and pay for the order in two clicks!

If these methods are inconvenient for you, you can also pay with debit card (or credit card, MasterCard and Visa), PayPal and cryptocurrency, including bitcoin. We place orders without address and personal information. We only need your email and IG address. It's safe!

Buy Instagram likes PayPal

Everything has been done on our website for your convenience and safety. Here you can pay for the order using any suitable methods, with PayPal, credit cards, cryptocurrency or a payment system created by your operating system (Apple Pay, Google Pay).

If the first option is most convenient for you, pay with PayPal, we process such payments as quickly as any other. Don’t worry about the safety of your personal data, we deeply care about your privacy,  we use smart payment systems that don’t store information about our clients.

Buy real Instagram likes-Viplikes

Buy real Instagram likes

Unlike other unscrupulous advertising companies that sell reallooking reactions of fakes and bots, we offer to buy only high quality authentic likes from real people.

Our specialists are active here : like other real users, they follow their favorite makers, share their impressions with friends, communicate and create publications too.

Most of them have real photography as an avatar. In principle, we don’t sell low quality likes and are convinced that non genuine interactions with our customers' pages can lead to a ban. This is not what you expect from a paid PR service, right? 

That's why all our services are provided from real accounts - they are permanent, natural and reliable. By purchasing interactions without raising suspicion from our company, you risk nothing.

If you want a growth that look real without non drop and from real profile, start placing an order now. If you need the advice of our specialists or advice when choosing a package, just write to us in the chat - we’re in touch 24/7.

Buy Instagram likes UK

As we’ve already mentioned, you can buy interactions from different countries, including from UK. We offer the best conditions, instant delivery and the lowest prices : you’ll see an increased interest in your content from users from the United Kingdom immediately.

Your posts will become more visible to the target audience and you’ll gain support from the local community. To get UK Instagram likes, please contact us in any convenient way and inform the manager about your wishes.

Buy cheap Instagram likes

What do you know about super cheap prices? We know all about it! is the cheapest place with first-class services.

The cost of our minimum package is only 99 cents for 50 natural likes. This is a gift price for such a service, and it confirms that we’re the cheapest site.

Choosing us, you make the right choice: cheap likes are delivered instantly, you don't have to wait several hours and days before you see the result. We have everything for a very cheap promotion, see for yourself!

We’ve developed a loyalty system for our clients so that you can get the cheapest Instagram likes. Our cheapest prices won't hit your pocket anyway, but we make it even more profitable.

This is really the cheapest way - just write to us in a chat or email to get an additional discount for cheap promotion.

Buy cheap Instagram likes-Viplikes

How to buy likes on Instagram

Some novice bloggers are convinced that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to place an order. That's why we often get messages: "How can I purchase reactions? Is it difficult and expensive?". We answer: of course not, it will take you only a few minutes and a couple of dollars to place an order.

To get reactions, just go to our website, select the required number of pieces, fill out a short form (your email and IG address) and pay. That's it! Now do you realize how easy it is? Start your high-quality promotion now, and in a moment you will see amazing results.

Best place to buy Instagram likes-Viplikes

Best place to buy Instagram likes

No doubt, Viplikes is the best advertising company on the online advertising services market. Why are we sure about this?

Our service has been working with bloggers and entrepreneurs for more than 8 years, during these years we’ve contributed to improving their social authority and making their media pages better.

There are many well-known influencers among our regular clients who confirm that cooperation with us is the best way to take your account to a new level.

These aren’t empty words: read the reviews of our buyers on the website, most say that we are a reliable and honest provider of high-quality PR services.

On our site you will find the best prices, round-the-clock customer support and a lot of useful boosters for social pages.

Buy Instagram likes Australia

Our company offers a variety of advertising tools for those who develop their blog in the local community.

We provide reactions from different countries, regardless of which audience you expect support from.

So, on Australian Instagram likes are available at the lowest price with fast delivery.

The ordering of custom interactions will not take you much time. Choose a package, fill out a short form, write to our manager in the chat about your plans and pay. You’ll see the first results in just a couple of seconds.

 Buy instant Instagram likes

Are you looking for a place with fast Instagram likes? Good news : you found this place! At Viplikes, we deeply care that our customers receive orders on time and in full.

Usually fast delivery takes about 1-2 minutes, depending on the number of pieces purchased.

As soon as the manager of our company sees the payment, your order will be instantly moved to specialists, and they will start working.

The first results will appear in a few minutes, and the full order will be distributed within a few hours after payment.

Can you buy Instagram likes

"Can I buy likes from real people?",- such questions are often asked by creators. We understand that this looks like something unrealistic, but you can actually get any number of interactions with your posts without risks.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter whether you buy them as an individual user or a company - we deliver reactions for everyone.

To place an order, follow these steps: select a pack, fill out a short two-line form (account address and email) and pay in any available way.

Then the work is up to us - we’ll start delivering the purchased interactions immediately after payment.

Can you buy Instagram likes-Viplikes

Buy Instagram likes Canada

If you’re developing your blog in Canada and plan to expand your fan base and increase the level of engagement, it would be wise to take care of the visibility of publications in advance and purchase Canadian Instagram likes.

It is available on the website, just write to our managers, they will help you choose the best package for you, help with ordering, orient you on delivery dates and take into account all your wishes.

Buy gradual Instagram likes

We know how important it is to gradually promote pages on social networks in order to avoid unnecessary questions.

A sharp increase in audience or interactions looks rather unorganized, which is why we offer gradual likes.

In this way, your promotion process will significantly accelerate and become more effective, but will not arouse suspicion from the audience.

Interactions will be delivered drop by drop within a few days or hours, it depends on the number of pieces purchased.

You can rely on us: your growth will be as organic and natural as possible.

 Buy Instagram likes USA

It may seem that it is impossible to achieve popularity among the American audience in IG. But there is little truth in this.

Yes, the competition in US is high, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot become a well-known local blogger or sell goods here.

If you’re consistent, start promoting your profile using effective tools and buying USA Instagram likes, your path will be much faster and more comfortable.

Our specialists from America will help you with this, they will interact with your publications. You can also choose the gender of our specialists if your blog is aimed at a USA female or male audience.

The first interactions from our specialists from USA will appear on your posts in just a few minutes. In order to place an order  targeted USA likes, please contact us in the chat.

Tell us about your wishes, our managers will pass the information to specialists who live in the United States, and you’ll get the best result.

Buy Instagram likes India

Unlike many other PR services, our company cooperates with highly qualified specialists from all over the world, including from India. This means that now you can get any number of authentic Indian Instagram likes and provide yourself with support from the local community.

Our specialists from this region will start working immediately after payment. You’ll see the first reactions in just 60 minutes.

Buy legit Instagram likes-Viplikes

Buy legit Instagram likes

Buying interactions from us is a safe, legitimate and effective way to improve the visibility of publications, and become more competitive and popular than you’re now.

You can be sure that all the likes put by our company are absolutely legal and don’t contradict the rules of using the site.

Our clients never get banned because all our activities are absolutely safe. Likes will arrive not by one delivery, but by several. Trust us, no one will know that you have used third-party support.


  • Where to buy Instagram likes?

    We’d recommend you not to take risks and cooperate only with proven and reliable companies, such as Viplikes. Our website offers the best conditions for bloggers and entrepreneurs: 100% guarantee of real likes, low prices, fast delivery and round-the-clock support service.

  • Do people buy Instagram likes?

    Of course, people use third-party support to promote their posts and the page as a whole more effectively. Even popular bloggers have used paid PR services at least once to improve the rating and increase the level of engagement.

  • How much does it cost to buy likes on Instagram?

    On Viplikes, the cost of a minimum package of 50 pieces costs only $ 0.99 - this is the lowest price on the ads services market. In addition to initially cheap likes, we also offer personalized discounts if you’re our new or regular customer.

  • Should I buy Instagram likes?

    It's up to you, but if you have a goal to expand your fanbase and become more competitive, using third-party support would be helpful.

  • Is it bad to buy likes on Instagram?

    Contrary to myths and stereotypes, there is nothing wrong with using PR services from high quality companies. On the contrary, these are very convenient, useful and safe tools that help to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

  • Does Instagram know if you buy likes?

    No, no one will know if you make a purchase from us. We offer only authentic reactions - this means that real people who spend a lot of time online and don’t cause doubts will interact with your page.

  • What happens when you buy Instagram likes?

    Your publications will instantly become more visible and you’ll see an increased interest in them from the target audience. Moreover, publications with a large number of likes have every chance to go viral and bring fame to their author.

  • Is it against Instagram rules to buy likes?

    Absolutely not. We don’t deliver computer bots and dead pages, respectively, you don’t violate any rules and you can rest assured for the safety of your account.

  • How much would it cost to buy 500000 likes on Instagram?

    In addition to the largest package presented on the site, we also offer unique huge packages for those who want to quickly become famous on Instagram. In order to calculate the exact cost of the order, get a discount and find out the delivery time of the order, please contact us via chat or email.

  • Does Instagram algorithm change if you buy likes?

    Your posts will immediately start trending if you buy enough likes for them. Algorithms find such messages interesting, and therefore send them to the recommendations of other users.

  • How to check if someone buy me likes on Instagram?

    There's no way you can find out if the likes come from real people. The only real way to find out is to analyze the number of interactions with other posts and compare how many reactions you have received before.

Why choose Viplikes?

We provide exclusively high-quality, active followers, who will not only increase the count of subscribers on your page but will also show a positive impact on your page’s statistics. With us, you will be able to give your content much-needed top-notch support and stay safe and calm.

Quick delivery

Our managers start processing your order as soon as you place it on the website. The processing of the order will start in 1 minute, it will take us under a couple of hours to make you see the first results happening because of the bought package.

Exclusively genuine followers

We work with real Instagram users who are keen on cooperating with a promotional service for a nice reward. We don’t exploit bots and fakes, because we respect our clients and want them to get the very best of online promotional services.

Best prices

We scan the market of online promotional services all the time to keep our prices very adequate and low. Moreover, some of our packages allow our clients to buy the highest quality promotional services for free.