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Every blogger who started his career on the most popular video hosting knows about the importance of getting likes, views and comments on his videos in 2022.

However, one of the most important indicators of your success is still views - without them you will not get an audience reaction, the channel will not begin to flourish, and the content will never go viral.

But what if you feel a lack (or decline) of activity - your clips gain only 50,100 or 200 views? Well, you can rely on free services, but this does not give you any guarantees - the desired result may not be achieved in a week or a month.

The best solution for those who want to get an excellent result immediately and grow a channel qualitatively is to buy authentic views from real users. The number of pieces you can get is unlimited. Regardless of what stage of promotion your profile is at, 250, 300, 400 or 500 pieces may be enough for fresh pages.

At the same time, this will seem like a small number for those who already have a permanent audience base; in this case, you may need more than 1000: 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 8000 or even 15000. This is quite a noticeable amount, users will definitely pay attention to your content and you will get more clicks.

But what if you plan not just to become a more visible creator, but to conquer YouTube? In this case, we offer more advanced services packages. Right now, without any problems, absolutely safe for you and the channel, you can get the desired hundreds of thousands of views from genuine accounts.

We do not set any restrictions for ambitious bloggers and therefore we are ready to work with everyone individually. Do you need 1 million, 2 million or even 5 million? It's real - all you have to do is just write to us about your wishes, and we will fulfill them!

We do everything to give the best price-quality ratio to our customers. Even if you have a minimal budget (for example, only $1), you still have the opportunity to gradual improve your channel - for this cost you'll get 100 high-quality non drop views.

This is enough to test how everything works. In the future, you'll be able to increase your budget by $3 or $5 as much as possible - the result will be more visible. It's important to indicate that all views will come from real active viewers, we do not deliver fake or bot; we believe that this is absolutely unsafe for YouTubers and their channels.

The safety of your advertising budget is one of the main goals for us, so we have developed a discount system when choosing large packages, as well as pleasant bonuses for new or regular customers. Buying a lot at once is profitable.

Let 's take an example : you want  to buy 10000, 20000 - 25000 or 50000, the minimum package (10k) will cost you $40.99, and the maximum (500k) $ 14999.99. And this is the lowest possible price for such a volume of services - we have already taken into account a discount from 142 to 230%.

You can spend the saved money on other advertising services or internal YouTube ads - it's convenient and profitable!

Why should you choose Viplikes? We have a huge experience behind us, for more than 8 years we have been providing online advertising services for bloggers and contributing to the growth of their accounts. You can read reviews about our service and make sure of the high quality.

In addition to low cost, we also offer quick delivery - the first part of the order will be delivered to the profile within a few minutes after payment. We have already completed thousands of different orders, and we can say with confidence that you'll buy views without getting banned.

They'll stay with you forever - it's permanent. Moreover, you can configure them, for example, select views from Premiere users or specify the necessary geo loaction.

As for the payment of the order, on our website you can make a purchase in any convenient way - with credit card, PayPal and with crypto (with bitcoin and ethereum, etc.). We also have fast payment to pay for the order using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Buy real YouTube views

Buying 100% of real views is not a whim, but a necessity if you want your account to have organic growth and look attractive.

And Viplikes is ready to give it to you; we only work with real people who have different interests and are active.

This way you can get not just excellent statistics of a page (or an individual video), but also targeted views.

Each piece purchased is a real human viewing, the actions of active specialists are absolutely safe for your account.

No drops are provided - views will not disappear after a while, they will remain forever.

Buy YouTube views cheap

The cheapest site for buying high-quality advertising services is, without a doubt, Viplikes.

Here we do everything to give the maximum discount to our customers and save their budget.

Cheap views start at $ 1 - this is less than the cost of a cup of coffee, but the purchase will bring you much more benefit and your videos will become more popular every day.

We have the lowest price for cheap YouTube views - you can see this for yourself by viewing our services and price list.

We also meet new and regular customers by offering the cheapest cost of advertising services.

If you make a purchase for the first time or come back to us several times, write about it in the chat, and the manager will offer you unique terms of cooperation.

You'll see that we are the cheapest place to buy any promotion services.

How to buy YouTube views-Viplikes

How to buy YouTube views

Many newcomers who have not yet used our mouths ask the question: "how do people buy views? How can I get the necessary advertising products for my YouTube channel? ".

You probably know that many now famous creators have used such services to achieve an incredible result; because it's convenient and simple.

You do not need any special knowledge or skills - it's enough to choose the necessary package of services, pay for the order and wait a few minutes before you see the first result of our work.

Did you know that buying advertising services is absolutely safe? Choosing us, you risk nothing - you'll get views without getting banned.

Best site to buy YouTube views

In 2022, there are many different sites that offer various advertising services. However, not all of them are honest with customers, fulfill obligations and are responsible for the result. Some of them started working not so long ago - in 2020, 2021, and this does not inspire confidence.

Most often, such places sell services not from real people, under the guise of genuine accounts, they sell bots and fakes that negatively affect the channel's statistics and bring considerable harm to your statistics. So, which site is trustable? What do you need to consider when choosing the best company?

The best solution is to rely on the reviews of real people and analyze the company's website. If, for example, you see that the website has quite long-standing reviews (2017,2018 or 2019), it means that the company has been working for a long time and has a lot of experience.

Such a place is Viplikes, we have a lot of real cases, and we can assure you of the quality of services, our clients confirm this. We are different from many other websites - here you'll find round-the-clock technical support, low cost of services and fast delivery.

Our site is the safest place to make purchases of promotion services, and if you're looking for a way to develop your channel as effectively as possible, we will help you with this.

Can you buy YouTube views

"I want to get a million views on YouTube right now!" - we often hear similar words from our clients. Can you buy it?

Absolutely:  it's really possible for you.Someone may tell you that it's too many pieces and people won't believe you, but we know that's not the case.

You can choose any amount that you think is necessary, and will make your growth look as natural as possible.

Views will be delivered to the video gradually over several days, it looks organic and does not arouse suspicion. In addition, the result will stay with you forever.

Buy YouTube views paypal

We are convinced that online purchases should be convenient, safe and easy to use.

Therefore, we have created all the conditions so that you can pay for the order in a few clicks and be sure of the safety of your personal data.

On our website, you can choose several options: pay for the order with a credit card, use PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Buy fast YouTube views

We know that most customers want to get results instantly, and we do everything in this regard. Our company offers you the fastest delivery possible.

It'll take only a few minutes from the registration of the application to the first visible results - our specialists will start delivering the purchased views immediately after your payment.

Buy fast YouTube views-Viplikes

Buy legit YouTube views

At Viplikes, we aim to give you the best possible result, so we only offer legitimate views; the rest is unacceptable to us and contradicts our rules.

Choosing us, you can rest assured for the safety of the channel - you'll not violate the rules of the site, all delivered goods come from genuine accounts that are active on the site.

We are a legit place to buy promotion services, and this is confirmed by thousands of reviews from satisfied customers.

Buy instant YouTube views

After you choose a convenient service package and pay for it, our specialists will instantly start processing the order, and in just 2-3 minutes (many sees the result in less than a minute) you'll see the first fruits of work.

This is one of the many advantages of working with our company - we offer instant delivery for bloggers so as not to keep you waiting.

After all, the sooner new views appear, the faster your channel will start to grow.

Buy YouTube views uk

There are many excellent advertising services on Viplikes, including we offer real targeted views from different countries. If the main part of your audience is English-speaking people, then a great option is to buy UK views. This will make your videos more visible and popular for users from this region.

Also, this service is relevant for business owners - to attract more attention to your product from UK residents, buy uk youtube views from us. After a few days, you'll notice that users have started visiting the channel more often and watching videos.

Buy high retention YouTube views-Viplikes

Buy high retention YouTube views

Most of our clients note another advantage of working with Viplikes - we offer high retention views for purchase. If you post long videos, you may be interested in this service.

You see, in order for the viewing hours and the credibility of your channel to grow, it's necessary that people watch the video as long as possible.

We offer to buy this for you - we are guaranteed to provide high retention of views, our specialists will watch your videos for several minutes (depending on their length, on average about 5-7 minutes), and this will have a positive impact on the content statistics.

Buy usa YouTube views

Competition among video bloggers in the United States is quite high, and in order for your clips to be visible to as many residents of the country as possible, support your clips - buy USA views.

There are Americans among our specialists, so we can guarantee you that the views are delivered from real users from the US.

This way your content will become more visible to Americans, and you'll be able to stand out from the crowd qualitatively.

Buy slow YouTube views

As we said earlier, fast delivery is a priority for us, however, we are also ready to meet you if you want to get slow dripped views.

In this case, we'll arrange slow delivery - the purchased pieces will appear on your videos drip by drip.

By choosing this option, we will deliver views within a few days (or weeks), depending on your desire.

If you need the result of the work to be slowly, write to us about it in the chat or email.

Buy YouTube views india

Have you started a blog about India, Indian customs, life in the country, or are you just targeting an audience from this region? Well, in this case, you can delegate some advertising tasks to us - Viplikes has specialists from various countries, so we can guarantee you the high quality of the purchased india youtube views.

Where to buy YouTube views

Viplikes is a company that has been offering promotion services for more than 8 years.

Thousands of different bloggers trust us with their channels, and they get the result they have long dreamed of.

We take a responsible approach to our work, provide quality guarantees and are always ready to answer all your questions.

Our technical support service works around the clock, and you can also ask for support before the transaction and after - we'll assign you a personal manager.

Our clients are successful bloggers who are now at the peak of popularity, and we are helping their audience and channel increase.

Where to buy YouTube views-Viplikes

Buy YouTube views australia

Australia youtube views are one of the best ways to make your channel more popular  in this region and get more activity from users every day.

This is especially true for those who live in this region or conduct their offline business in Australia; this way you can take your channel to a new level and get more fame.

Buy YouTube views canada

Are you promoting your blog in Canada and want to get more activity from the residents of the country?

In this case, we can offer you a favorable offer - for just a few dollars you'll get several hundred authentic Canadian YouTube views, making your profile more famous in the region. This is a great solution!


  • Do people buy YouTube views

    Of course, people can and do this, because this is a real chance to take the channel to a new level, make videos more viewable and increase audience interest in content.

  • Is it possible to buy views on YouTube

    Yes, and you can do it in just a couple of clicks. Visit our website, select the desired package of services, pay for the order and in a few minutes the first views will be delivered to your channel.

  • Should i buy YouTube views

    Whether to buy or not is up to you. However, thousands of bloggers are convinced that this is the best investment in the channel that they have ever made, because it is a real opportunity to expand the audience, attract more viewers and after a while become a famous creator.

  • How much does it cost to buy views on YouTube

    Prices on our website range from $1 to $1,499 - you can choose the right package depending on the advertising budget. We also offer discounts for new and regular customers, write to the chat or email to find out more.

  • Is it legal to buy YouTube views

    Choosing our company, you can be sure of the legality of all actions that will be on your channel. We believe that delivering fakes and bots is unsafe for customers and their content, so we work with real people and deliver their views to accounts.

  • Why buy YouTube views

    The purchase is necessary for those who plan to develop their blog or want to improve the visibility of the video. People are more likely to click on those clips that have received a lot of likes, views and comments - they inspire confidence and seem more attractive; this is how social thinking works.

  • What happens if you buy YouTube views

    In a few days you'll see an excellent result. Depending on the selected package, you'll receive a certain number of real views, they will increase the rating of your content and it will appear more often in user recommendations.

  • Is it bad to buy YouTube views

    No, this is a myth and a big misconception. There is nothing wrong with using paid advertising services - authentic views do not have a negative impact on the channel's rating, on the contrary, they improve statistical indicators.

  • If i buy YouTube views when do they get updated

    This information is not disclosed by the site, but according to statistics, it takes about 24-48 hours to update the number of YouTube views. Accordingly, you'll see a full-fledged result during this time.

  • Will my channel get banned if i buy YouTube views

    No, your profile will not be blocked, because you do not violate the rules of using the platform. All views come from genuine accounts, and YouTube has no reason to ban.

  • When i buy YouTube views, it comes with watch time?

    Certainly, along with the views, you'll see that the watch time has increased, because real people watch the videos - the same as all of us.

Why choose Viplikes?

We provide exclusively high-quality, active followers, who will not only increase the count of subscribers on your page but will also show a positive impact on your page’s statistics. With us, you will be able to give your content much-needed top-notch support and stay safe and calm.

Quick delivery

Our managers start processing your order as soon as you place it on the website. The processing of the order will start in 1 minute, it will take us under a couple of hours to make you see the first results happening because of the bought package.

Exclusively genuine followers

We work with real Instagram users who are keen on cooperating with a promotional service for a nice reward. We don’t exploit bots and fakes, because we respect our clients and want them to get the very best of online promotional services.

Best prices

We scan the market of online promotional services all the time to keep our prices very adequate and low. Moreover, some of our packages allow our clients to buy the highest quality promotional services for free.