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TikTok is a dynamically developing youth video platform that differs significantly from others,  here you will not find text posts and photos, only short clips. And this is wonderful, because according to statistics, video marketing is the right way to success. Take a look for yourself: using videos, many creators were able to become famous around the world and prove their worth. But if you decide to be on the other side of the screen and try your luck by becoming a creator in the application, you’ll probably face some problems, such as lack of activity and fierce competition. However, this can be solved, we at Viplikes offer many different promotion packages on the site, from followers to music promotion - you can find absolutely everything with us and make your promo process more complex and effective.

TikTok followers

Followers are the main indicator of the popularity and success of any influencer - it has always been and always will be, because people follow those who have proved that their content is worth attention. But getting them in free ways can be a real problem, today there are a lot of bloggers on TT, and they all strive to gain attention. So if you don't want to wait and aim to get results right here and now, consider investing in paid subscribers. It is inexpensive on Viplikes (minimum package of 50 pieces from 99 cents), fast and expedient.

TikTok likes

Do you dream of getting thousands of likes on your videos and going viral, but it doesn't happen? Do not give up, everything is fixable with our package of paid likes. We have collected the optimal number of pieces from 50 to 100k in them and fixed regular discounts so that every blogger, even with a minimal marketing budget, can use our services and make their clips flourish.

TikTok views

Since this platform is focused on video content, views here play one of the most important roles in promoting clips in recommendations. Therefore, if you’re interested in your content being seen by as many users as possible, start investing little by little in our paid views and soon you’ll see an impressive result.

TikTok packages

Our packages are maximally balanced and include all the statistical indicators that the creator will need on the way to virality. Now you don't need to collect all the indicators individually, you can simply choose a pack that already includes followers, views and likes. This boost is not only one of the most popular among our customers, but also the most profitable, you’ll save a lot of money without buying everything separately, everything is already here. Just choose which subscription is the most convenient for you - weekly or monthly.

TikTok shares

How do you know that your videos are popular? See the number of shares! People share videos with others when they really like the content, so if your video goes viral, be sure that the content will become popular very soon. But if you see that shares don’t appear and your videos aren’t shown to users in "for your page", then it's time to act decisively. Here you’ll find the best deals for buying shares - profitable, real, fast and high-quality.

TikTok music promotion

It is known that any sound used on the platform several hundred times instantly becomes viral. So this app is not just for video creators, if you create tracks and want millions of people to know about them, we’re ready to help with this! We cooperate with well-known TikTokers who have more than 4 million subscribers, and they all work on the same goal - to make our client's music guaranteed to go viral. At the same time, we guarantee that the video with your sound will gain 1 million views, otherwise we will shoot new content until you get the result you want. Now there is a 50% discount on this package, have time to grab it!