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Every modern entrepreneur and brand owner knows that now social proof means much more than before. Your company's presence on the Internet is necessary if you plan to expand your customer base and make your brand known.

One of the best platforms for this is Facebook, there are many great business opportunities here. However, if you want your professional page to be taken seriously, it should be appreciated by a large number of people.

The main form of social proof is positive reviews. This is what allows potential buyers to make a decision about buying a product or service of your brand. But many entrepreneurs face the problem of the lack or small amount of reviews.

We at Viplikes are ready to support you create a more solid image - you can get reviews for Facebook pages from us and improve your credibility on the resource.Choosing us, you don't risk anything, we'll not deliver bots in principle, not a single written review comes from a fake; we only work with real verified users, it's safe for your image.

We also offer to deliver  fan reviews with text you want to see on your account. For other companies, this service is quite expensive, but we provide the best conditions for clients and the cheapest, but high-quality products.

Right now online you can buy 10 positive reviews for just $47.99 - this is a great investment in the future of your company . Also, depending on which country your brand should become known in, we offer reviews from different regions.

You can get cheap, fast and easy reviews from USA, Australia, India, UK or from anywhere else in the world. Targeted reviews will be quickly delivered from the USA (or another country) by real people, the interest of the local audience will increase rapidly. Try it now!

Buy negative Facebook reviews

Some entrepreneurs don't understand, but in some cases your brand may need negative ratings. You see, success cannot be unambiguous, every company makes mistakes at least once, and people immediately write about it.

Bad interactions with your profile are necessary so that users can see your full-fledged growth and understand that all mistakes are corrected over time. 

Just imagine: if there are no negative reviews (or at least one), will it look organic and natural? Of course not, it’ll arouse suspicion among clients. But that's not all - bad interactions you can also buy for competitors.

This is effective if you want to spoil someone's reputation and make your company more in demand. But think twice about it, competitors can do it in return.

 Buy Facebook page reviews-Viplikes

Buy Facebook page reviews

On our site, you can buy the right number of reviews for your fanpage in a couple of clicks. This will have a positive impact on its rating and will allow you to take your business to a new level.

A large number of ratings makes you golden - the more real users evaluate your company, the more proven and reliable it'll look in the eyes of potential buyers.

By delegating this advertising task to us, you free up time for more important things and can focus on brand expansion. We guarantee the high quality of each review and are sure that it will raise your brand to a new level.

Buy 5 star Facebook reviews

It is known that most users are guided by the reviews of other real people and trust the rating system. If you want your brand to thrive, buy 5 star reviews for that.

We guarantee you that after the purchase, your credibility will grow several times - people will choose you more often than companies that don't have as many positive ratings.

Custom reviews are available on Viplikes, which means that you can choose who will write them for you - women or men, black or white, and so on.

Focus on your target audience and buy reviews from those people who could use your products. It'll look as natural as possible, especially if you decide to add the right text.

 Buy 1 star Facebook reviews

We have already mentioned that success cannot be measured only by excellent grades. We would recommend that you combine 1 star reviews with positive ones.

This way you'll make it clear to users that your company has been around for a long time and during this time you really could have made some mistakes.

Further, positive ratings will prove that you are now a great company that you can trust. In addition, Facebook is a place where there are a lot of other brands. You can also use this service to annoy them.

Competitors will be upset by a lot of negative ratings, but at the same time your company will be on top. Contact us to find out more.

How to buy Facebook reviews

We believe that promotion services shouldn't take a lot of time and effort from entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Therefore, everything is done on our site for your convenience; you just need to select the right package, fill out a short form (email and Facebook address, we don't require any personal data) and pay for the order.

As soon as the employees see the payment, they'll immediately start processing your order and after 1 minute you'll see the first result.

The order will be fully ready within a few days, you'll receive all information about the process by email. If you have any questions or want to customize the reviews, write to us in the chat to clarify the details.

 How to buy Facebook reviews-Viplikes


  • Should i buy 5 star reviews Facebook

    This is necessary if you want to make your business flourish, expand your customer base and create a more presentable look of a professional profile. Those who have already used the service are sure that this is one of the best online investments in their company.

  • Can i buy Facebook reviews

    Absolutely: you can buy any number of pieces you need to achieve your goals. Viplikes will be happy to help you with this, just place an order on the website, and we'll start working.

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