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Twitter is the most popular platform for microblogging in 2022. It gained special fame several years ago during the world quarantine 2020 & 2021. Then many representatives of offline professions lost their permanent earnings; this forced them to master online blogging activities.

This gave a powerful start to the site - millions of authors came here to increase the reach and engagement of users. How many of them succeeded? Most of those who relied on luck, algorithms and free ways of promotion (massliking, massfollowing) couldn’t become famous and monetize the blog.

Why? The level of user engagement in their blog was minimal - sometimes even less than 10,20,25 followers. They failed to prove their worth as a blogger. Now the situation hasn’t changed much - the competition is still high, and users are selective; they don’t follow those who have a modest audience, even if they’re interested in your messages.

Well, what should you do to achieve fame and improve your credibility? The best solution isn’t to be afraid to invest in your account and delegate the growth of followers on Twitter to real professionals.

Viplikes is a premium promotion company. We offer high quality services at a moderate price - the cost of 100% authentic subs is only $1.99 for 50 followers. Even such a small amount can bring you a good result; many bloggers spend weeks and months to get that much.

There is enough to evaluate the quality of our work and decide how much you need at the next stage of promo. For larger packs of 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, etc, there are huge discounts from 14% to 53%. This is really a gift offer. Just imagine how much advertising budget you can save!

We’ve an individual approach to each client. We do the work based on your wishes. This means that you can choose any other number of followers for yourself. There is no need to limit your promo to standard packages.

Choose a convenient quantity - non-standard 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 2500 or 3000, and we’ll deliver them quickly and safely. Do you need more? Well, the biggest packs are 10000 and 20000 followers, but this isn’t the maximum that we’re ready to provide.

Viplikes has delivered 25000,30000, 70000, 100k and even 1 million engaging subs more than once. Usually we divide such large orders into several deliveries - the first results will appear in a few minutes, and the bulk will be organically delivered within a few days or even weeks.

To get a non-standard number of subscribers, please contact our managers in a chat or email. We’ll select the best pack, orient you on the cost and delivery time. Regardless of the quantity, all delivered followers will be real. It's true: for many years we have been cooperating with verified people who have verified accounts.

Most of them are registered in 2019 and  earlier - this means that their accounts are absolutely genuine, they’re interactive and spend a lot of time online. By the way, some of our specialists even have NFT, if you need such followers, write to us in the chat.

Authentic fans are guaranteed not to unsubscribe from you after months or even years; they’re permanent. However, real no drop followers aren’t the only advantage of working with us. We also offer targeted subs; women and men from different countries.

Everyone is a real person, not a fake or a bot. You can rely on us, your page won’t be blocked, because Viplikes don’t violate the rules of the social network. We’ve taken care of safe, fast and easy payment methods on our website. Everything has been done in this regard : you just need to choose which option is preferable.

No password, no personal data - we don't need this information to get started. Choose payment in a couple of clicks using Apple Pay or Google Play, or use standard methods - with debit card, with crypto (including with bitcoin) or PayPal. All of this is safe for your data.

Buy real Twitter followers-Viplikes

Buy real Twitter followers

If you’re looking for a place to buy real followers, good news : you've found it right now. On our website, we’ve never sold fakes under the guise of real accounts.

Organic followers bought from us are not just real looking fans - they’re real people, just like all of us. They spend a lot of time online, read messages, write themselves, and are generally quite active.

No bots, no password, no follow back; it’s safely and effectively to get a great level of engagement and new fans. We won’t deliver a single bot to you, believe us.

For many years of work, we’ve never received such feedback from customers, on the contrary, they confirm our words about honesty and reality.

By the way, many of our specialists have accounts with real images, personal portraits or logos. This is another confirmation that these are genuine accounts that can have a positive impact on your profile statistics.

How to buy Twitter followers

We often get messages like: "Do I buy followers effectively? Is it safe for my page?". Many people are interested in these questions, and we want to answer them here.

Firstly, it’s one of the most effective ways to become more competitive and attract the attention of users.

Accounts with a large number of fans look impressive and contribute to the expansion of a loyal audience.

Second : it's safe if you buy real followers. Our performers are not the people who buy content for an authentic look; they create it themselves.

The use of paid services is absolutely normal and does not contradict the rules of the network. How to place an order? Easy as pie!

Determine your advertising budget and choose the right services pack, then fill out a short form (your email and nickname are needed here) and pay in any convenient way.

Is it done? Do you choose the best pack and pay for it? Great, now we’ll start processing your order and in a few minutes you’ll see the first results.

 Buy Twitter followers cheap

Viplikes provides the best price-quality ratio, it’s the cheapest place to buy paid PR services.

You can buy cheap Twitter followers from us, but at the same time they’re all of high quality. Prices start at just over $1 ($1.99) - the optimal cost for 50 authentic new fans.

It's cheap priced, right? But you can save even more advertising budget. By increasing the number of followers you buy, your discount is growing.

We’re not talking about saving $2 or $5, the discount is much more. For example, choosing a package of 5000 subscribers, you save $70 - this is a real gift, an extreemly cheap offer!

Buying subscribers on our site is the cheapest way to make your page flourish. Take a look at the reviews of thousands of satisfied customers.

Every second person will confirm that he managed to get the right number of followers very cheap.

At the same time, we recommend focusing not only on the cheapest prices, but also on the quality.

Some companies may offer a service for $0.50, but is there a guarantee that all subscribers will be real? Do not risk your safety, choose the proven Viplikes service!

Buy Twitter followers instantly

We know that it’s important for bloggers to receive their orders as quickly as possible. Our employees are doing their best in this regard.

Buy instant twitter followers from us, and in a few minutes you’ll see the first results. How does it work?

As soon as the managers receive payment information, they’ll give your order to specialists, and they’ll start processing.

It usually takes about 2-3 minutes, but many of our clients see an instant result in just 1 minute.

Please note that in some cases (the largest packages of services), delivery may take a little longer. You can get additional information about the deadlines in the chat, write to us.

Buy Twitter followers instantly-Viplikes

Can you buy Twitter followers

"Can I really buy real fans?" - novice bloggers ask us such questions with surprise. It really is, you can!

Blogging doesn’t have to be a difficult job, we’re sure of it. Make the promotion process simpler and faster - delegate some advertising responsibilities to our specialists.

We’re trusted by many well-known influencers, and we’ve contributed to their fame. Moreover, most still buy from us.

They understand that this is the best option to improve their image and strengthen position on the platform.

 Buy Twitter followers paypal

Buying on our website is easy, simple, and, most importantly, safe.

We’ve made sure that people from completely different countries can pay for orders, one of the best is using PayPal.

This system is available in most regions, it is safe, you can not worry about the safety of your data.

But this is not the only option - we accept payments with PayPal, credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Buy active Twitter followers-Viplikes

Buy active Twitter followers

As we mentioned, we fundamentally do not sell bots and fakes. Real people are involved in the process of delivering subscribers.

Our specialists are the same people as everyone else. They spend a lot of time online: I read the news, comment and like other authors' posts and create their own.

Moreover, they can even be active on your microblog if they like it. That is, by buying from us, you can enlist the support of people who will become loyal readers in the future.

Where to buy Twitter followers

To the question: "Do I buy subscribers from a proven service?", we always answer: absolutely!

Viplikes is the best company to buy advertising services, we will help you raise your blog to a new level and make it great. All you need is 5 minutes of free time and some advertising budget.

If you encounter a problem at any of the stages (ordering, payment or delivery), be sure to write to the chat or email. Our support team works 24/7.

 Best site to buy Twitter followers

No doubt, Viplikes is the most trusted and honest company in the entire market of promotion services.

We’ve almost 9 years of hard work behind us, thousands of successful cases on the website are our best proof.

You will not find a better place, only here is the fairest price-quality ratio and crystal clear terms of cooperation. Viplikes is a truly rated place, see for yourself: read the reviews.

We provide customer support around the clock, our managers are ready to answer your questions at any time of the day or night.

By the way, we’ve a unique loyalty system for new and regular customers - if you decide to make a purchase, write to us in the chat, the manager will offer a discount.

Buy legit Twitter followers

Choosing us, you risk nothing. You see, there is nothing unsafe in the purchase itself - it’s an absolutely legit way to increase your audience, become more famous in the online community and improve your image.

This is not prohibited by the rules - no one can prohibit you from using high-quality legitimate services.

However, you can get blacklisted on Twitter if your page interacts with bots - this is prohibited.

But we fundamentally do not work like this, all services are absolutely safe and are not capable of harming your authority. With us, you can be calm and confident in an excellent result.

Buy legit Twitter followers-Viplikes


  • Should i buy twitter followers

    You have to decide for yourself. But if you plan to succeed on the platform and become a really famous author, buying followers will contribute to faster growth and improvement of social authority.

  • How much does it cost to buy twitter followers

    The lowest price for 50 real (this is the keyword) subscribers is $1.99. This is the lowest price that exists at the moment.

  • Is it possible to buy twitter followers

    Yes, it’s possible and you can do it right now. Choose a package, fill out a short form and pay, the result will be in a few minutes.

  • Is buy real twitter followers legit

    Buying genuine fans is 100% legal. Do not worry about it, we deliver only real fans and give quality guarantees.

  • Is it safe to buy twitter followers

    Of course, it's safe if you choose a trusted company. Viplikes will deliver as many real followers to your page as you need without risk.

  • Can people tell if you buy twitter followers

    No, no one will ever understand that you used third-party help. Our specialists deliver the entire order for some time, the growth of the audience looks natural and organic.

Why choose Viplikes?

We provide exclusively high-quality, active followers, who will not only increase the count of subscribers on your page but will also show a positive impact on your page’s statistics. With us, you will be able to give your content much-needed top-notch support and stay safe and calm.

Quick delivery

Our managers start processing your order as soon as you place it on the website. The processing of the order will start in 1 minute, it will take us under a couple of hours to make you see the first results happening because of the bought package.

Exclusively genuine followers

We work with real Instagram users who are keen on cooperating with a promotional service for a nice reward. We don’t exploit bots and fakes, because we respect our clients and want them to get the very best of online promotional services.

Best prices

We scan the market of online promotional services all the time to keep our prices very adequate and low. Moreover, some of our packages allow our clients to buy the highest quality promotional services for free.