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Tiktok Video Downloader

Tiktok Video Downloader

TikTok is the king of trends in the modern media space. It is here that the most viral content is created, which is further distributed on other platforms too. In general, this is not surprising, the youth site attracts more and more new users from different niches who create high-quality clips.

The most interesting thing is that tons of other clips are created based on viral videos, and that's why people want to keep such content to themselves. But there is one problem: not all videos you can save to show to friends, send to colleagues (who don’t have an app, for example) or use as a base for your content.

Some authors forbid downloading their own clips, but we have come up with the perfect solution for TikTok users. Now on our website you can use the downloader TikTok video and get a high-quality video in MP4 format in a matter of seconds. They are saved in their original quality, with sound and without watermarks. 

Plus, this tool is absolutely free. It is available to everyone. Moreover, we take care of the security and privacy of our customers in all cases. That is, it does not matter what it is about: buying likes and followers, or using a free download service - all actions on our website are anonymous.

Below we will tell you how to quickly and easily download any video for PC users (for Windows and Mac) and mobile devices on the web. To do this, you only need a video url or a username. Downloading has never been so easy!


For PC:

1. Copy the video link via "share" in the app or enter the username in the box. If you want to download several clips at once, we recommend using the second method with username - then you’ll see all the content on the author's page.

Next, click download and pass a security check through the captcha.

2. Select the cover of the clip you want to receive and click download video. It will be automatically saved to your computer. That's all!

For smartphones: 

1. Go to the tool page, enter a username or a link to the clip. Click the big green button and go through the captcha - this is a mandatory step for security.

2. Select the video to save and click download. It will be saved in Files, if you want to transfer it to Photos (on Iphone), open the video and click save.

That's how in two simple steps you can get your favorite or popular video from a youth social network. Please note that we don’t require any personal data, such as login or password.

We also strongly don’t recommend using programs and applications that request confidential information, because  it is unsafe for your security.

TikTok video downloader without watermark

When it comes to getting videos directly from the platform, many users don't use this option. Why? In the future, to use it, you may need to remove watermark or logo. It takes a lot of time and sometimes even effort to download additional applications for video processing or anything else. 

But we figured out how to avoid such a headache and developed a tool that allows you to get the clip clean. No watermark and unnecessary details - only video, sound and music. 


Online TikTok video downloader

With our highly efficient online service, you won’t have to download additional programs or install third-party applications on your devices.

The principle of operation of the tool from Viplikes is very simple  and crystal clear: you enter a link or username and get a video in the original quality.

We have simplified the process of saving clips as much as possible and made it fast and intuitive.

TikTok video downloader HD

Our company aims to provide customers and users with only high quality services in all areas of the social media sphere, and free services are no exception to the company's rules.

That's why here you can get your favorite 4K clip and watch it in full HD even offline.

It's not just good quality, it's the best. So, if, as an example, the author uploaded a 1080p video, you will get it in the original, that is, HD quality.

No drop in the quality is our big advantage over other similar offers, and we offer you to take advantage of this opportunity for free!



TikTok private video downloader

Our users sometimes ask about privacy and security policies, and we always answer unequivocally: we cannot violate the rules of using social platforms and never act in this way.

That's why downloading from a private account is not possible with our tool. We respect the ability of people to make their content closed from the eyes of other users and cannot go against their will.

At the same time, if you need a clip from your account (your close friend, family member or anyone else), it's quite real.

Make the page public for a while and save the videos you want with our service. Immediately after downloading, you can make it private.

Free TikTok video downloader

Despite the fact that our services are mainly focused on influencers and entrepreneurs who want to make their pages flourish through buying views and other incentives, we decided to create several tools for all users for free.

You won't have to pay us a dollar, and we guarantee it. Use our service as much as you want. We don’t set any restrictions, don’t ask for positive feedback or anything else.

Unlike other third-party programs, you don’t need to provide us with any information about yourself (email, login, password), only the url or username of your choice.


 TikTok link video downloader

On you can get the video in two ways: via url or username.

Both of these options are absolutely safe and legal, but if it's more convenient for you to use the first method, it's simple.

Copy the link, paste it into the box and click Download. 

The system will show you the cover of the video. If this is what you need, click the button under the clip and it will be automatically saved on your device (PC or smartphone).

Best TikTok video downloader

Our downloader for TikTok is rightfully called one of the best, and there are several reasons for this. One of the main things: it is absolutely free, no pitfalls.

But at the same time you get the original author's quality without drops. Also, all clips are saved without annoying third-party text (watermarks and logos), only videos and music.

Also, if necessary, you can always contact our managers in the chat and consult on any issue that interests you.

If something went wrong during the saving process, don’t hesitate to ask us questions via chat or email, we are in touch 24/7 for advice and support.