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Delete Instagram Comment

Delete Instagram Comment

Delete Instagram comments: the main how’s and why’s you need to know.

Just like any other social media website, Instagram gives its users a chance to leave an opinion about certain things: in this article we will tell you how to delete previous Instagram comments. Sometimes you change your opinion about certain things and that’s where this article may come in handy: past Instagram comments can say a lot about your personality and when you’re willing to hide it for whatever reason or if you just don’t want to leave any traces online anymore, a guide on how you can delete other comments on Instagram can help a lot. Let’s begin!

Can you delete Instagram comments?

“Can I delete a comment on Instagram?” may you think as you have left your first remark and now wonder if there is a way back. Yes, you can! Instagram offers its users a total free of thought and word, therefore you can moderate your own actions on this platform however you want, while having almost no access to remarks, likes and views of other people.

How to delete Instagram comments?

So if you want to delete an Instagram comment, you can do it from your smartphone, iphone, tablet or PC. It takes less than a minute and is actually a very easy action. Deleting a comment in Instagram is easy and requires pressing one button — first you swipe the remark you want to delete from Insta to the left and then press the red button with a trash bin on it. Voila, you have successfully deleted a comment off Instagram! Removing a comment from Instagram is not hard, but restoring it is impossible. So you really have to think before deciding to do so.

How do I delete a comment on Instagram?

If you are wondering “How do I delete my comment on Instagram?”, or “how do I remove the comment I made on Instagram?” there is a simple instruction: you go on your profile or on the profile of any person that has your remark on it, you find yours and you swipe it to the left. After that you’ll see a red trash bin symbol appearing and if you press it — your remark will be deleted from Instagram forever.

How to delete a comment on Instagram?

If you want to take out a single comment from your IG page, all you have to do is find it and press several buttons to do so. If you’re on your smartphone, it will be enough to just swipe it to the left and then press on the red trash bin that will appear afterwards. If you’re on your PC, find a three dots button above the remark that you need to get rid of and press on it. Further you’ll get options to delete, report or cancel your action.

Sometimes though it’s about a question of how to delete spam comments on Instagram that get on the nerves pretty often. Especially, if you’re trying to manage a business account on IG. And sadly, there is no other way to do that other than finding all these comments and taking them out from your profile by your own hands as well. It’s tiring and frustrating, so we’d recommend you to block the person that’s making your life harder straight away and report them, if they’re spreading disturbing or inappropriate content.

How to delete all your Instagram comments?

Sometimes people want to delete their account on Instagram, so the question of how to delete all Instagram posts and old comments you’ve left becomes actual. And it’s not only about deleting my comments on Instagram, usually people are trying to understand how they can delete mentioned comments on Instagram plus bad comments from Instagram pic that other people might have left them. In other words, people would like to start their online life from a new page, yet they don’t know how to do it quickly and easily. Sometimes people even want to delete their followers, likes and remarks on Instagram, but the only way to do so would be deleting the whole profile.

Although IG is a platform that has many options and many features and is very comfortable in usage, it still has no hack for those who are willing to delete Instagram comment, and not one, but all of them. Moreover, you also cannot recover your deleted Instagram comments if you got rid of them previously. Let’s get back to the main question of this part: “How to delete all Instagram comments I made?”

Actually, there is no way to delete all Instagram comments at once or delete them automatically — if you’re willing to get rid of all of them, you’d have to go through all the posts that you have ever left on someone’s Instagram and remove them by hand. That’s a time taking thing, but if you are appearing under posts with a certain topic to them, you can use hashtags to find the places that you have left your remarks in. If you are in search of a method that would help you to delete all comments from one user on Instagram, there is, unfortunately, no such way as well: you should cut them out from your account by hand and then we’d recommend you to restrict or block the user you were deleting your statements from.

If you want to remove replies to your remarks from other people, you can also do so, if these are posted under your pictures. All you have to do is remind who was leaving you negative replies, find them in your feed and one by one take them out by hand. If you don’t want to contact that person anymore, make sure to restrict them from your account or even block them — IG won’t show them any of your actions and you’ll be able to keep that a secret for some time. If somebody was bullying you online, you should definitely report them and maybe even write a letter to Insta support team.

If you want to delete all pictures and comments from your Instagram account of yours, you can just delete your account completely or remove them from your profile by hand. If we are talking about photos, you can archive them or take them out completely — the first option will give you a chance to restore them in the future. So if you’re wondering whether “I want to find and delete all my Instagram comments and I also want to hack out all the posts” or you don’t really want to, you can always archive your publications and see if you’d like to restore them later.

And yes, there is no difference between whether you want to delete Instagram comments on Android or iOS — if you want to delete all your remarks, you just have to find them by hand and delete them one by one.

How do you delete comments on Instagram?

It’s very easy, as we’ve said, all that's needed for u to delete a comment on Instagram is press several buttons (look for instructions above) and everything will be taken out of your (or other person’s) profile. As long as you’re the creator of a remark, it’s quite easy to cancel. Yet you should also be aware of the fact that if there is any danger for you online you shouldn’t be thinking “how do I delete a comment from Insta?”, you should report a statement that has made you think so and ban this user. Remember that the Internet sometimes is not the safest platform to share sincere opinions, so be careful with what you’re putting out and keep your distance, even if you’re creating an online statement on social media.

Before we finish we’d really like to remind you that you have to care about your online safety — please, use two factor authentication, set reliable passwords, don’t put out too much personal information and try to stay neutral while going into any online discussions. We get it, sometimes social media get personal and you just want to participate in a certain talk, but always think of what circumstances it might have. Don’t answer direct messages from suspicious persons, don’t give them your personal data or anything that they can use against you. Of course, you can always delete your comments, make your account private and turn for help from the support team, but we think that it would be way better if you’d just avoid situations like this and don’t have to delete anything and hide your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to delete comments when somebody blocks you on Instagram?

    Well, if somebody has blocked you on Instagram, you lose all the access to their page and to your comments left there. You cannot delete comments from a blocked Instagram unfortunately, but we can suppose that the person who has blocked you will do it themselves either way. It often happens that we mess up online relationships and then have no possibility to talk to a person; so don’t wonder “How can I delete Instagram comments when I’m blocked?!” — just leave it alone. If you want to cut off all the ends, you can always delete comments from someone who blocked you on your page though — you can do it just like if you were going to remove any other remark on your page.

  • How to delete Instagram comments on computer?

    If you are used to monitoring your IG from PC, you can also delete Instagram comments on PC. 2018, 2019, 2020 or whatever year software you have downloaded on your computer, any of it allows using Instagram and working with your content there. So if you need to remove your comments on desktop, you can go on Instagram, choose a remark that you’d want to cut out from your profile, press the three dots button at the top of this one and choose “delete”. Actually, if that is not enough, you can also report a it on computer or you can cancel your action if you’ve changed your mind.

  • How to delete someone else’s comments on Instagram?

    If you need to know can you delete someone else’s comments on Instagram or not, the answer is yes, but only if those were left on your page. You can navigate the section underneath your posts however you want, removing your own and somebody else’s opinions from your posts.

  • What happens to comments when you delete Instagram?

    When you remove your profile from the platform, all of your publications, saved stuff, remarks and thumbs up will be deleted permanently and you won’t have a chance to restore them. Noone will be able to see the statements on your page or the remarks that you have left under other people’s publications. So think wisely whether you really want to do that or not!

  • How to delete Instagram comments on Iphone?

    There are lots of arguments about which smartphones are better for running a profile on Insta — some say that Android’s system is easier to navigate and it also offers many interesting options for content editing, but in general, most people agree that iOS works best. It doesn’t compress the quality of photos and videos, it offers the quickest work of all the apps and the IG as well, and no matter the model of the phone, all the pictures are somehow on fleek, even if you’re using an old Iphone. But if we’re talking about removing comments, things are quite similar one to another.

    It’s no different from deleting an Insta comment on Android actually. If you want to delete Instagram comment on iOS you should go to your profile, find your remark there (or go to the profile of the person that you’ve left your remark on), swipe to the left and when the red trash bin symbol appears, press on it and you will delete comments on Insta on Iphone.

  • How to delete old comments on Instagram?

    If you are wondering “How do I delete my old comments on Instagram?”, there is no other way to do it then to revisit your (or other person’s) old publications and remove your old Instagram comments there by hand. Old pictures tend to get archived also, that’s why sometimes you can have no chance to take your remark out on somebody's page. But is this really so important?

    If you want to take out replies to your own old pictures, you can always archive them and not waste too much time on cutting them out by hand. Moreover, if later you’ll feel nostalgic and would like to revisit your own old posts no matter the bad or irritating remarks from your followers, you’ll be always able to do it using the archive in your profile.

  • How to delete people’s comments on Instagram?

    As we have mentioned, as long as other peoples comments on Instagram are left on your page, you can moderate them however you want. If you need to take something out of your post, you can delete it easily by finding and pressing several buttons. For easy instructions look through previous paragraphs of this article.

  • How to delete comments on your Instagram picture?

    If you need to remove Insta comments on your own photo, you can do that by pressing several buttons. First you need to find an unwanted remark, then you need to swipe it to the left (if you’re on your smartphone) or press the three dots button at the top of it (if you are on a computer) and then you’ll get an option to delete it from your page. Sometimes comments on IG image can get pretty nasty, so if you’re willing to make your online environment more friendly and safe, a chance to take out some people’s opinions might be very helpful.

  • How to delete comments on Instagram posts?

    How to delete any comments you’ve posted on Insta? As far as these are yours, quickly and easily: all you have to do is find them, press a three dots button (if you’re on your PC) or swipe it to the left (if you’re on Android or iOS) and here you will have an option to remove it straight away. Remember though that you will have no chance to restore, so if you’re doubting whether you need to delete comments on you've posted on Insta or not, think twice.

  • How to delete Instagram comments on Android?